A basic back yard native garden plan.

A basic back yarden garden of about 30 feet by 50 ft. Often track homes provide a front yard(that had a budget of budget in the hundreds of dollars) but the backyard was bare. Here are some simple ideas on how to put together a native garden to attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife. Rollover the image for some ideas, try www.mynativeplants.com or try browsing the plants.

Look also at some of our garden examples.

Arctostaphylos Dr. Hurd or Austin Griffin can be used as a small tree. Native trees can work in a native garden. Ceanothus Ray Hartman or arboreus can make a nice small tree in a native garden. A redbud can be used  in areas of California that see frost. Look at the native hedge plants for the neighbor buffer. Why not a bed of native penstemons? Sages work great along a south facing wall. Native groundcovers You could espalier apples along the fence. Ceanothus or Manzanitas work well as a background.
In this native garden in coastal sand, the Diplacus (Mimulus) puniceus,  Red Monkey Flower. - grid24_12
A native garden can be colorful.
Some of the native sages make great groundcovers. - grid24_12
A native garden can be wild.
This 7 year old native plant garden was not watered. Arctostaphylos purrisima in front . In most of  California you can plant your garden without much water.  - grid24_12
A native garden can be big or small.
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