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Cassin's Kingbird, Tyrannus vociferans

My drawing of a Cassin's kingbird.Range of the Cassin's kingbird's

The Cassin's kingbird is a summer resident to southern California and central coast rages above point conception north found along the immediate coast.

Migration of the Cassin's kingbird

The Cassin's Kingbird uses the oak woodland plant community for hunting and nesting.The Cassin's kingbird winters in Mexico and Guatemala and along coastal southern California.

Diet of the Cassin's kingbird

The Cassin's kingbird's diet consists mainly of insects. These insects are obtained usually by hawked from trees and shrubs. It occasionally eats fruits.

Habitat/ Plant community used by the Cassin's kingbird

The Cassin's kingbird prefers open woodlands with understory.

The Cassin's kingbird uses the juniper woodland plant community.Click on these plant community links to learn more about specific plant material and climates.

Central Oak woodland

Southern Oak Woodland

Pinyon-juniper woodland

Joshua tree woodland


The Cassin's kingbird uses the riparian plant community.Nesting habitat used by the Cassin's Kingbird

The Cassin's kingbird nests near the top of a tall tree. They especially like oak, cotton wood, pine, walnut, sycamore, or Juniper.

How to attract the Cassin's kingbird to your garden

The Cassin's kingbird likes drier climates that some of the other flycatchers. However, they appreciate tall trees for nesting and hawking insects.

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