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Fritillary Butterfly, Subfamily Argynninae

The Adult Fritillary butterfly feeds on many plant species. Above right the Fritillary is feeding on Salvia “Pozo Blue”. They like most Sages. To learn more about sages see our Sage Page. In the above left and bellow left photos show Fritillaris a on Monardella species. Monardella sp, or Butterfly Mint is very popular with many butterflies. It is also very fragrant and a great garden plant.

Like most butterflies in this family the front legs of the Fritillary butterfly are greatly reduced and covered with hairs. The butterfly uses its two sets of rear legs to walk and cling to flowers.

Fritillaries lay their eggs not on their larva's host plant but usually in the leaf litter near by. The eggs are layed singly rather than in mas like many butterflies. The Greater Fritillary larva eats almost exclusively violets, Viola sp. The larva usually feed only at night and then crawls away from the host plant during the day to hide and rest.