Lewis's Woodpecker, Melanerpes Lewis

the lewis's woodpecker likes oak trees like this valley oakDiet of the Lewis's woodpecker

The majority of the Lewis's woodpeckers diet consists of insects. They hawk and glean insects in oak woodlands and coniferous forests. The Lewis's woodpecker also eats fruits, nuts, and seeds. The Lewis's woodpecker also stores acorns and may compete with Acorn woodpeckers for their stashes.

Niche filled by the Lewis's Woodpecker

The Lewis's Woodpecker is the most migratory of the woodpeckers in California.

The Lewis's woodpecker will also forage on or near the ground in search of berries and insects

How to attract the Lewis's Woodpecker

Lewis's woodpecker needs a good source of acorns and insects. This can be archived by planting some well chosen trees. The cottonwood tree grows quickly and harbors many insects for the woodpeckers to glean. For a source of acorns a good choice is the Valley oak it is a large deciduous oak that grows rapidly. Also do not remove dead wood as it is necessary for nesting.

Migratory status of the Lewis's woodpecker

The Lewis's woodpecker is highly migratory often flocking in large groups in search of more plentiful sources of food.

Range of the Lewis's woodpecker

The Lewis's woodpecker is found throughout most of California except the deserts. It spends the summer in the coast ranges and the north eastern part of California. In the winter the Lewis's woodpecker goes in search of acorns moving into the central valley and coastal ranges

Habitat/plant community used by the Lewis's woodpecker

Closed Cone Pine Forest

Lodgepole Pine Forest

Central Oak Woodland

Yellow Pine Forest

Northern Oak Woodland

Southern Oak Woodland

Mixed Evergreen Forest


Red Fir forest

Reproduction of the Lewis's woodpecker

The Lewis's woodpecker nests in snags in riparian plant species as well as oaks and conifers.

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