Western Wood-pewee, Contopus sordidulus

My drawing of the Western wood-peweeThe Western wood-pewee occasionally eats elderberriesDiet of the Western Wood-pewee

The Western Wood-pewee feeds mainly on insects. Its particular favorites are flies and wasps. It sometimes eats elderberries and grass seeds.

How to attract the Western Wood-pewee to your garden

Most woodlands and forest habitats can be utilized by the western wood pewee. Planting an elderberry wouldn't hurt. The Western Wood-pewee's favorite insects are flies. Sense you probably do not want to attract these you can try to attract other insects. Elderberry flowers attract many insects and the berries are occasionally consumed by the western wood-pewee.

Habitat/ plant community used by the Western Wood-pewee

The western wood-pewee likes the red fir forestThe Western Wood-pewee is found mostly in coniferous forests with nearby wet areas. They like trees with dead branches on the bottom for open perches.

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Yellow pine forest

Red Fir forest

The Western wood-pewee likes to nest near wet areas in the forest.Riparian

Lodgepole pine forest

Redwood Forest

Northern Juniper woodland

Bristle Cone pine forest

Northern Oak woodland

Central Oak woodland

Southern Oak woodland

Migration of the Western Wood-pewee

Like many other flycatchers, the Western Wood-pewee spends the winter in South America.

Nesting habitat used by the Western Wood-Pewee

The Western Wood-pewee likes to build its nest out on a limb of a coniferous tree.

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