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Ash-throated flycatcher, Myiarchus cinerascens

Migration of the Ash-throated flycatcher

The Ash-throated flycatcher spends the winter in Mexico and Central America. They arrive back in California in the spring.

Range of the Ash-throated flycatcher

The Ash-throated flycatcher spends the summer in California. It does not appear in Northern Coastal areas, in the San Joaquin valley, and above 4000ft in the Sierras and the Cascades.

How to attract the Ash-throated flycatcher to your garden

The Ash-throated flycatcher likes trees as well as shrubs for perching and hunting for insects. They like nearby open areas for hawking over chaparral or desert scrub. They also need trees with old nest cavities for nesting. The Ash-throated flycatcher likes to use the ecotones between the woodland areas and scrub lands.

Nesting Habitat of the Ash-throated flycatcher.

The Ash-throated flycatcher is a secondary cavity nester. That is, it does not excavate its own nest cavity. It uses a nest cavity excavated by a woodpecker or a naturally occurring cavity. It also uses nesting boxes. Last year we had a pair at the Santa Margarita nursery that used an old bluebird box. To learn how to make a nest box visit our nest box page.

Habitat/plant community used by the Ash-throated flycatcher

Click on these plant community links to learn more about specific plant material and climates.

Northern Oak Woodland

Central Oak Woodland

Southern Oak Woodland


Joshua tree woodland


Pinyon-Juniper woodland

Diet of the Ash-throated flycatcher

The Ash-throated flycatcher hawks flying insect. It likes to perch on tall shrubs and trees to hunt.

Ash-throated Flycatcher, Myiarchus cinerascens watching camera - grid24_12
Ash-throated Flycatcher, Myiarchus cinerascens
Ash throated flycatchers are so cute and curious. Both parents were really curious as to what I was doing hiking up the trail.
A male Ash throated flycatcher setting on a chamise checking me out.