Western Tanager, Piranga ludoviciana

Western Tanager -  Piranga ludoviciana right after he had a nice bath in the birdbath - grid24_12
This Western Tanager, Piranga ludoviciana, has visited the birdbath every day from June through August.
Western Tanager on Black Chokecherry. Plant native plants with that bear fruit or berries and you get great birds. - grid24_12
Three Western Bluebirds, and a female Western Tanager enjoying breakfast in a Mahonia nevinii. This Barberry is very slow, but the wildlife will show up as soon as the first flower or berry shows up in the garden. - grid24_12
I have no idea what this tanager was thinking. sHe's yellow, they're blue! Breakfast in a Mahonia nevinii.
Western Tanager eating a  Black Chokecherry. - grid24_12
Western Tanager on pine leaves - grid24_12
A Western Tanager enjoying a Prunus virginiana melanocarpa, Black Chokecherry. - grid24_12
Western Tanager watching - grid24_12
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