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Oak Titmouse, Baeolophus inornatus

How to attract the Oak titmouse to your garden

If you have oaks in your garden, you will most likely get an Oak titmouse. Even one oak tree can produce an abundance of resources for wildlife. They seem to prefer The Coast live oak, Quercus agrifolia, around the Nursery. To learn more about oaks check out our oak page.

Providing a nesting location will also help to attract the Oak titmouse to your garden. Leave snags or put in a nesting box.

Range of the Oak titmouse

The Oak titmouse is found in California where there are Oaks. They are not found in the central Valley, the northern coastal areas, deserts, or high elevations.

Diet of the Oak titmouse

The Oak titmouse eats insects and spiders gleaned from foliage, branches or bark. They are very rarely seen on or near the ground. They also eat berries and acorns. They spend most of their feeding time up in the oaks. They will visit the bird bath for a drink, especially in the summer.

Migration of the Oak titmouse

The Oak Titmouse does not migrate. It is a year long resident.

Habitat/ Plant community used by the Oak titmouse

Central Oak Woodland

Northern Oak Woodland

Southern Oak Woodland

Chaparral (with oaks nearby)

Nesting habitats of the Oak titmouse

The oak titmouse is a secondary cavity nester. That is it doesn't excavate its own cavity but uses an old woodpecker nest, or other primary nester's cavity. These nests are usually in pine, or oak usually in dead or dying wood as it is softer and easier to excavate by woodpeckers.

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Oak titmouse at bird bath - grid24_12
Oak Titmice seem to be fairly smart and non-threating. They get along with every other animal except maybe cats.
Oak titmouse looking at camera - grid24_12
A Titmouse showing his curious while fearful habit.
Carpenteria californica, Bush anemone with a Titmouse - grid24_12
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