Alkaline soils.

For most people having a soil that is above a pH of 7(neutral) seems to be a big deal. It really doesn't have to be a big deal. Most of you have a soil that is perfectly usable. It grows plants, sometimes a huge surplus of weeds even. If there  are plants growing everywhere and everyone tells you 'the soil is so alkaline' look at the edges of the leaves. If many of the plants have burnt edges and are yellow, then maybe you do have a problem and should get a simple soil test. If the leaves look fine, don't worry too much, but you might not to plant acid loving plants like Rhododendron or Blueberries.
If you do get the soil tested and the pH is above 8, ya got a problem. Even above 7.8 you probably have a problem. You'll be able to grow saltbush at 7.8 just fine, above 8 you'll have problems with even that and you'll have to look at Alkali sink plants.
Alkali sink after a rain. - grid24_12
An Alkali sink after a rain. Notice there is nothing green?
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