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Lasioglossum, Sweat Bee

This form of Sweat bee is found in spring on manzanitas and other flowers. It is commonly one of the nectar robbers drilling a hole on the side of the flower instead of sticking it's tongue into the flower(it's too short).
There are all sorts f sub-genera and species under the umbrella of Lasioglossum. If we ever get a true entomologist here maybe we can get more specific. If you're interested, Michener's "the Bees of the World" has about 10 pages on the taxonomy of the genus.
Some species are social parasites that live in the nests of their victims. Other species are communal ground nesters, sharing the same little cavern with others of it's kind. .
Lasioglossum, Sweat bee, on Arctostaphylos Ian Bush - grid24_12
A Lasioglossum., Sweat bee on Ian bush Manzanita.
Lasioglossum, subgenus Dialictus on Ian Bush Manzanita, Arctostaphylos - grid24_12
The predatory Lasioglossum subgenus Dialictus robbing nectar from a manzanita, flower.
Nice, eat your children and your food.
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