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In the UK, when Brassica cultivars were grown with (50 cm. apart or less) taxonomically unrelated plants, (for example, legumes, tomatoes, dill, lettuce) cabbage root fly (Delia brassicae) and cabbage aphid (Brevicoryne brassicae) damage was significantly reduced (Tukahirwa & Coaker, 1982).

This year I will be trying kale, potatoes, garlic, Calamintha, verbena, and Senecio, growing in large pots together. What are you growing ?

A Kalcannon Recipe

Potatoes and Kale. Chop potatoes (Yukon Gold variety, with a few Purple thrown in is good) in chunks, remove skin or not. Simmer in water until soft. Shred kale very thinly; add to potatoes, and cook just a few minutes until kale is just softened. Mash all together. Add salt and butter to taste. Shredded White Cheddar is also a good topping.


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