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Gates need a cross angle, usually against the hinged side, but it doesn't have to be. At least some of the vertical boards or slats need to be attached to the cross angle. The Gate post must be set at least 2 foot into the soil and braced. If you have the option, hinge from a solid wall. Gates have leverage, the wider the gate, the better your gate post needs to be supported. Never nail the hinges in, always use deck screws or screwed hangers in the case of metal gates.
a simple garden gate - grid24_12
Gate with 8 foot lath - grid24_12
lath garden gate  - grid24_12
Bungie cords make good door clowers. Before you snort, the bungie is made in USA and cost $2, the spring was made in China and cost $5 - grid24_12
You can use a $2 bungee or a $5 spring to keep the gate closed. If you put a little lean in your pout that the gate is hinged on it will close 'automatically'.

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Wire fences or Wooden Fences

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