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Again, string the top wire first, use it to even the top of each post by clipping the wire on the low posts first then lowering the other posts and clipping the wire on them last.

Metal tee posts with the first strand of barbless wire.  Bottom strand can be used to line up posts. - grid24_12
try to make your fence posts the same height and inline  - grid24_12
center fence bracing - grid24_12
This is close to bending the fence and not the post.
tamp your post hole - grid24_12
wire spindle to hold the  wire while you attach the wire to your truck and drive - grid24_12
I made this wire dispenser. I've seen folks use a couple of c-clamps they clamped to the sides of the pickup bed and used a pipe through the roll to drive along and dispense the wire. We usually leave the homemade dispenser in one location and hand pull the wire. Beyond about 1000 ft. you have to be a mule though.
Ok, corners need bracing. Long runs(hundreds of feet) need bracing. On the corner braces I usually lay my boards next to the corner post to determine where to dig the second hole. If you only have 8 foot boards, one needs to be at an angle so the posts are only about 7 feet apart. The longer the run, the longer the braces.
before you dig your post hole for your fence brace, check with the boards you are going to use and make sure you do not dig beyond the length of your available boards. - grid24_12
Fence bracing for  a long straight wire fence. The mind challenged  horses ate one of these cross pieces and broke it. - grid24_12
a Dog fence - grid24_12
A wire fence with orchard mesh, or non-climb mesh is done exactly the same way. On dog fences they push their way out unless you put a bottom board or bury the wire.
Simple stile - grid24_12
Stiles can be used instead of gates where you walk regularly. Basically build them so you can walk sideways through them, but a cow or horse can't. Ponies are a different story, they can get through stuff I had trouble getting through.
The wire clipped to a tee post - grid24_12
With wire fences the wire needs to be tight. There are wire pullers, hammer heads, pick bumpers. If you are pulling wire fencing a come-along works well. If you are pulling individual wires, set the wire roll past a tree, bumper or other solid object. Loop the wire a couple of times and pull sideways, you can generate a great deal of energy. You can make a wire fence better looking by sticking scraps of wood on the wire.
wire puller on left, and tee post puller - grid24_12
the deer broke the 2X4 at the top of this 8 foot fence and now it's a four foot fence - grid24_12
A fence made of   scrap wood, unless it is your junk fence, then it is your creative 'free' expression. - grid24_12

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