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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Deck Fences, Hand Rails.

Some examples of wooden deck or patio fences. Same construction could work for larger fences.

The deck fence was built out of 2X2s screwed onto ripped 2X6s that made 2X3 runners or stringers. The cap was 2X6 redwood.
I used deck screws and predrilled the holes so as not split the wood. Cap was screwed into 4X4 post and the stringers. Stringers were hung on 4X4 post with the cheapest 2X3 metal clips. (Simpson A34, A35F, or TP15)
The deck had deteriorated over the last 70 years or so. The 4X4's were more than show, or the hold the hand rail. They were used also the replace the undercarriage of the deck.
You can use ringed nails, but the wood probably will split. Formal hand rail? You can buy some hardware at a hardware store that makes building a handrail easy.
A handrail that was wobbly but worked - grid24_12
The nails by themselves fail and the handrail comes off.
Metal clips are usually - grid24_12
But with metal clips under it, it can't come off.
the vertical slates of the deck rail before we put the fascia up - grid24_12
Counter sink drill bit goes on drill. Only sink the screw as deep as the counter sink or you will split the wood.
KISS, keep it simple, stupid. Along with BuildItForFiftyYears, BIFFY.
"Oh, it's just going to fall apart anyway."
Redwood decks can last for a hundred or more years if installed by someone who cares. Why would you want to do this again?

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