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Plant leaf taxonomy quiz (feel good if you got more that half right)

Put the letter next to the proper description (only one letter per item, use all letters)
(leaves are generally not  used for taxonomy but can be useful)

__c_ Linear or lance-linear Leaf
_a__ Lobed Leaf
_e__ Deltoid-hastate leaf
_L__ Alternate leaves
_H__ Leaf subentire to sinuate-dentate
_F__ Leaves Pinnately 3 foliate
__B_ Leaves twice Pinnate
_G__ Leaves palmate
__i_ Leaf entire
__K_ Leaves pedately parted
__J_ Leaves with spines
now you see some of the reasons leaves are not commonly used

plant leaf c

what's a leaf quiz
plant leaf d leaf taxonomy quiz
plant leaf f
plant leaf e
plant leaf g and k, two flavors of same
plant leaf H
plant leaf j       
plant leaf i

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