A little quiz of California native plant names and types

1. Which of the following does not have  Sage as a common name?

a.____Artemisia tridentata
b.____Salvia apiana
c.____Iva hayesiana
d.____Salazaria mexicana
e.____Lepechinia ganderi

2. Which is not a bunchgrass?

a.____Festuca idahoensis
b.____Stipa comata
c.____Stipa lepida
d.____Nassella cernua
e.____Sisyrinchium bellum

3. Which plant  has mint in their common name?

a.____Monardella villosa
b.____Agastache urticifolia
c.____Mentha arvensis
d.____Pycnanthemum californicum
e.____Phacelia campanularia

4. Which plant does not contain Alkali  in the name?

a.____Elymus   triticoides 
b.____Frankenia   grandiflora
c.____Sporobolus    airoides 
d.____Atriplex    polycarpa 
e.____Atriplex  hymenelytra

5. Which plant does not have black in one of their common names?

a.____ Prunus  virginiana  melanocarpa
b.____ Populus   trichocarpa
c.____Scrophularia  atrata
d.____Salvia  mellifera
e.____Boykinia occidentalis

6 Which plant does not have blue in one of their common names?

a.____Woolly Blue Curls 
b.____Sambucus caerulea
c.____Bouteloua  gracilis 
d.____Penstemon   rostriflorus 
e.____Linum lewisii     

7. Which plant does not have red in one of their common names?

a.____Alnus  rubra
b.____Vancouveria planipetala 
c.____Diplacus puniceus
d.____Eriogonum  grande  rubescens 
e.____Abies magnifica 

8. Which plant does not have desert in one of their common names?

a.____Prunus fremontii 
b.____Lepidium  fremontii 
c.____Phacelia campanularia 
d.____Opuntia  treleasei  
e.____Sphaeralcea  ambigua 

9.Which plant does not have beach in one of their common names?

a.____Camissonia cheiranthifolia
b.____Acer macrophyllum 
c.____Pinus contorta contorta  
d.____Artemisia pycnocephala 
e.____Abronia umbellata,

10. Which plant does not have grape in one of their common names?

a.____Vitis californica
b.____Mahonia aquifolium
c.____Lupinus excubitus
d.____Mahonia aquifolium
e.____Myrica californica 

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