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California's Climate Quiz.

1. How much rainfall does most of California get between May and October?
__a. none
__b. 1/2 inch(1 cm)
__c. one inch(2cm)
__d. 2 inches (5 cm)
__e.  4 inches (10 cm)

2.  Which rainfall is the average for Death Valley (Furnace Creek 1911-2002)
__a. no measured rainfall
__b. about 1/2 inch (1cm)
__c.  about 2 inches (5 cm)
__d.  about  4 inches (10 cm)
__e.  about  6 inches (15 cm)

3.  Which has the least average yearly rainfall?
__a.. Fresno 
__b. San Diego
__c. Riverside
__d. Santa Barbara
__e. Los Angeles

4  Which has the highest average yearly rainfall?
__a. Los Angeles
__b. Sacramento
__c. San Jose
__d. San Luis Obispo
__e. San Francisco

5  Which area gets the most average rainfall in January?
__a. San Jose Costa Rica
__b. San Jose California
__c. London, England
__d. Berkeley, California
__e. Rome, Italy

6  Which gets the highest average rainfall in July?
__a. San Jose Costa Rica
__b. San Jose California
__c.  London England 
__d  Berkeley California
__e. Rome

7 . Who gets more sunny days per year?
__a. Bakersfield
__b. San Diego
__c. Los Angeles
__d. Las Vegas
__e. San Luis Obispo

8  Who gets more sunny days per year?
__a. Salt Lake City
__b. Tulsa Ok.
__c. Miami, Fl.
__d. San Francisco
__e. Long Beach

9  The coldest temperature recorded in California was
__a. -60F (-52C)
__b. -45 (-46C )
__c. -30F(-30C)
__d. -20F(-28C)
__e. -10F(-24C)

10 Which California City has the lowest average wind speed?
__a. Bakersfield
__b. Eureka
__c Sacramento
__d. San Francisco
__e. Santa Barbara

11.Which statement is NOT true.
___a. Highest California Rainfall in 24 hours was  26.12 inches at  Hoegees Camp in the  San Gabriel Mountains
___b. Highest yearly rainfall in California was 257.9 inches Camp 6(east of Crescent City)
___c. The wettest down pour in California was at  Campo (near the Mexican border), 11.5 inches (29.2 cm) in 80 minutes on August 12, 1891
___d. Greatest 1 Storm Snowfall was in a three day period of Feb 13-19 1959 at Shasta Ski Bowl,  189 inches
___e. Water Hole in Death Valley had no measured rainfall from February 1947 to December 1951.