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Sara's Orange-tip, Western Orange Tip, Pacific Orangetip, Anthocharis sara

Sara's Orange tip is a highly varied butterfly that ranges from Northern Mexico, New Mexico, across to California and up to Whitehorse in the Southern Yukon.
Host plants include all sorts of mustards. So Orange Tips are common in most areas where man has been.
Sara orange tip butterfly - grid24_12
A Sara Orange Tip on a Filaree flower. They will take nectar from most any small to medium flower. Do not plant filaree for these butterflies, plant something that's not a weed.
The spring form of Western Orange Sara Tip has been called Reakit's Orange Tip. - grid24_12
This is a spring version of Western Orange Tip is called Reakit's.
Sara's Orange Tip butterfly on a native verbena, side view - grid24_12
Sara Orange Tip on a Native Verbena Flower.
Sarah Orange Tip - grid24_12
Sara Orange tip with the wings open.
Sara's Orange Tip butterfly on a native verbena. - grid24_12
An Ornge Tip flowering between Verbena flowers.
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