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Raccoon Procyon lotor.

is a common resident of the urban interface and wildlands. With human like hands and a dog like brain they can get into all sorts of trouble. Unfortunately they are masked so you have no idea they are really the neighbor kids.
Raccoons will eat almost anything and are highly opportunistic. They have been known to eat everything from fish, insects, eggs, grains, all your fruits on your fruit trees, even acorns.
We'll spot one or even a group up in a tree jammed into tree crutches asleep, waiting for dark to make their raids.
They may live in an area of 200-2000 acres, moving around as the food comes available. Just like the other neighbor kids.
Raccoon gangs rule the neighborhood at night. - grid24_12
Raccoons will commonly run as a pack. Their motorcycles are hidden in the bushes behind the fence.
You will misspell raccoon, you will misspell raccoon.... - grid24_12
Come and pet me. Rabies, worms, other parasites, oh, and I really do not bite, much, really.
Harry the cattle dog hates Raccoons. I mean he really hates them. A personal vendetta.
The cat gets fed in the office, (her job is to keep the rodents out of the office and the other out buildings). There was a small raccoon that would snick through the cat door and raid the cat food every night. Every morning Harry the big, brave dog would rush in looking for the raccoon. One morning they found each other in the office. A lot of barking, growling, yipping and snarling later and the unhurt coon ran out and up the tree. A deranged Harry came out a few seconds later with a nose that looked like it had gone through a pencil sharpener. Maybe 50-100 teeth marks.
Carry a big stick and bark softly. Can't bark loud because of stick... - grid24_12
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