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American Robin, Turdus migratorius

Although the American Robin is presently a common bird and sometimes seen as a nuisance it wasn't always so. It was once hunted for meat (what a thought) which curbed the population a bit. Like many bird species, the American Robins population was greatly diminished by the use of DDT. Now they are back in full force.

Nesting habitats used by the American Robin

The American Robin builds its nest from twigs, mud, and herbs, usually in a shrub or tree but occasionally on the ground.

Migration of the American Robin

The American Robin is not a long distance migrant. It only moves a little when it is too cold and there is not an abundance of food where it is, otherwise this bird stays put.

A Robin in a bush,. After awhile these birds behave like their scientific name implies.


This bird survives by being able to use most any habitat, as well as eating most anything.

Diet of the American Robin

The American Robin feeds on high protein foods during the breeding season. This includes earthworms, beetles, caterpillars, and snails, as well as other arthropods. They can be quite helpful in reducing garden pests. They are quite the hunters. During the rest of the season the American Robin feeds on berries, fruits, seeds, and seedling.

Range of the American Robin

The American Robin is found throughout California. It enters the desert only in the winter and leaves the high elevations in the winter.

Habitat/plant communities used by the American Robin

The American Robin is found in nearly all habitats in California, including towns, orchards, and other urban areas.

Central oak woodland

Northern Oak woodland

Southern oak Woodland

Northern coastal scrub

Coastal sage scrub


Pinyon-Juniper woodland

Mountain meadow

How to attract the American Robin to your Garden

The American Robin is easy to get into your garden. Some things to help them there would be some good food sources. They enjoy Toyon as well as Juniper berries. The like being ably to see predators so weeds are discouraged. One way to reduce weeds and increase earthworms is to mulch your yard. Mulch is an excellent source of bird food.

A Robin on her nest. - grid24_12
A Robin on her nest.
American Robin setting in a Valley oak - grid24_12
This is known as a hot Robin.

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