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Loggerhead shrike, Lanius ludovicianus

Migration of the Loggerhead shrike

Move somewhat south in winter but population augmented by those in North America.

Diet of the Loggerhead shrike

The Loggerhead shrike is quite well known for their habit of impaling their prey on sharp thorns. This is thought to be a territorial gesture or a way of attracting mates. They eat mainly large insects, small birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish and carrion, and like to hunt from a perch.

Range of the Loggerhead shrike

The Loggerhead shrike is absent from the Sierra Nevada, Cascade, and North coast ranges.

Habitat/ Plant community

The Loggerhead shrike inhabits open habitats.

Joshua tree woodlands

Creosote Bush Scrub

Pinyon-Juniper woodland

Shadscale scrub

Central Oak Woodland

How to attract the Loggerhead shrike to your garden

The Loggerhead shrike likes open dry plant communities. They like tall shrubs for hunting.

Nesting of the Loggerhead shrike

The Loggerhead shrike nests in dense brush or trees.