American Crow, Corvus caurinus

The crow is a common resident of Suburbia. He differs from the Raven by having a straight tail and ;normal; beak. many years ago on a job in Malibu I noticed the only birds left were crows and introduced parrots. (I guess the birds reflect the Hollywood influence?)
Crows range through most of the US and Southern Canada. When they get together for their conventions their mob can number in the millions.
Crows will eat almost anything and collect anything that attracts their attention.
american crow corvus caurinus - grid24_12
Even I do not strut this bad.
American crow, Corvus caurinus looking how pretty he is in a pool of water. - grid24_12
So vain.
American crow, Corvus caurinus. I've seen that strut in some people. - grid24_12
Walk the walk. Crows diffident? Ha!
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