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Where is the real Santa Margarita?

The boys in front of the Liquor Store report that the truckers can't find the right town. Our town is the REAL Santa Margarita, founded in 1897. NOT RANCHO Santa Margarita, founded in the 1990's. Our population has finally gotten above the elevation, for years they were both at 1100. (1200 now!)

Santa Margarita is just north of San Luis Obispo,'over the grade'. The Climate is similar to Napa Valley, rainfall about 20 inches, frost from Nov-March most years. Santa Margarita is one of the few towns left in California where everyone knows everyone, and everything, just ask them! When we drive in we look over the town nestled into the mountains and it looks story book like.

Our town is convenient from 101, turn off drive 1 mile and pick up dinner at the Merc, or the Rodeo, Gas and tires at Pintor's, Smokes at the liquor store.

The hardware store is gone but the Feed store or Oak Country lumber should be able to help you with hardware if your car door won't latch or the hood keeps popping up. Next to the feed store pick up a book at the Educated Gardener, the only bookstore in California that is actually a Nursery(buy a plant)http://www.educatedgardener.com/. Across the street get breakfast at Hoover's or buy a house from MCR.

Walk back towards the Merc and take your kitty to the Vet(next to the auction Barn) On Sunday you can bid on items at the auction barn. We don't have a stop light, but we have a community forest! http://www.smcf.org/

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Santa Margarita - Escondido
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