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How to build simple steps, part 2.

(part 1 is here.)
notice the nail, if you mix a few nails in with the deck screws it makes a much more stable connection - grid24_12
Make sure you attach the top of the runners to something real, with real metal clips or brackets.
I'm paranoid about the steps falling off. Notice there are two treated runners glued to the middle stringer. - grid24_12
The load of two folks walking up the steps can be amazing. Not quite the same as driving a car up the steps, but almost the same as parking one on them.
steps without the risers in place - grid24_12
The 2X12 steps should set level on the runners. Each gets two screws into the runners.
The little board under the steps adds a great deal of strength to the steps - grid24_12
In our area we need to have the risers to stop the snakes from biting our toes. But, really they give a great deal of streght to the step and stop all flexing.
Since this step is less than three feet we really do not need the hand rail, but in your area that may vary. I put a lower rail in for the little ones. This searies of steps turned out well. What I found was it ws often easier to remove the steps and put new ones in, repairing the old ones can be very difficult. - grid24_12
I even put a little stain on the risers to make the new steps better match the old deck.
If you need stairs like this, pay a professional to build them. - grid24_12
Makes me dizzy just to look at this. Be prepared to pay a lot for these and do not even think of doing this yourself.
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