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Garden Chair

Stapled pallets you can take apart, nails ones you may have to saw apart.
The  nails on pallets are closer to nailed screws.  They are very  difficult to remove without breaking the wood.

Ok you've made yourself a pile of wood. You'll need.
a pound of 1 5/8 deck screws, a few 1 1/4 deck screws, and a few 2 inch deck screws. A counter sink and bit for the deck screws, saw, screw bit for drill and square. A cordless drill would be nice. You can justify a whole set of  tools  when you figure out how much 4 wobbly chairs would cost.

Pulling the nails from from the pallets - grid24_12
cut  the boards off of the pallet - grid24_12
The back leg needs to be about 34-36 inches long. Attach the h together first, the side brace can be attached later, or if your family is light, ignored. The depth of the seat should be at least 18 inches as the pad will shorten the seat and a seat less than 14 inches long is not comfortable. Check the "h" with a square, measure the runners and make sure they are parallel.
The slats and seat width need to be 18-22 inches wide. The pallets themselves will be one of the limiting factors. Set the two "h's" on a table with the long back piece down. and screw the back runner on. Notice that the back runner goes on the inside, so if the back of the chair is on the table or ground if you've not built the table yet, the runner goes on the side up towards you. Be careful not the be rough or try to do it all at once. Counter-sink one hole and screw in one screw on each side first, then put in the other one or two screws each. Do not put the screws closer than an inch apart or you may split the wood. After you get the two runners on, carefully put the 'chair' on the ground and line up the slats to make the seat. Counter-sink and screw one screw on each slat. Then go through and put the rest in. Notice the end slats have a slightly different pattern.
bottom of pallet chair - grid24_12
the pallet chair upside down - grid24_12
pallet slates screwed together to make chair seat - grid24_12
Pallet chair side. - grid24_12
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