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How to Build a Garden Gate out of a pallet.

This was one of those ideas that happened and it worked. (I don't show you the ones that don't work.) I was driving over to get the materials to rebuild an old gate that had fallen apart after a decade or so and I spied this pallet. Here is the result.

Measure the opening where the gate is to go. The openings are commonly not square. The height is not critical. the top and bottom are at the height of the pallet. That is if the pallet makes a 4 ft. high gate, measure the opening at about one or two inches from the bottom and 48 inches from the bottom.
Measure the gate opening. - grid24_12
Click of ][ in the lower right corner of player for larger video.
Measure the pallet before you cut visualizing what it will look like after. - grid24_12
Do not cut the truck, this is actually on top of the old gate.
Plot your finished pallet before you cut.
Cross brace.
Split ends.
Try the gate out for size.
Here's the finished gate. All used materials and about 30 minutes of time.
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