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Website Upgrade

Our upgraded website and shopping cart are live! We are now using Shopify for checkout. Old orders being held for heat are still being held. They will go out as soon as the weather is good. Thank you for your patience.

We tried to explain a few of the changes on this page.

Upgraded Shopping Cart

After a long search we have settled on Shopify for our new shopping cart. We can still maintain our website ourselves but can benefit from all the features and security of a larger scale shopping cart solution.

Our shopping cart should be easier to use than our previous solution. It should also work on mobile devices(phones and tablets).

This should allow us to more effectively process orders, handle gift certificates and eventually sell products other than plants.

Upgraded Website

Our site was originally created to fit on a desktop computer screen. Our new design should be able to work on both desktop screens and smaller tablet or phone screens. This is still a work in progress and hopefully we can continue to make improvements on it.

We also had to upgrade the software and hosting service we use. These were huge behind the scenes changes which hopefully won't affect the usage of our site. These changes will make it easier for us to make future changes.


Mynativeplants was a fun project we started but haven't been able to fully support. We hope to return to it but for now we had to turn it off to focus on upgrading www.laspilitas.com.

Other places you might find us roaming about:

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