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The community website is still in beta. Changes are continually made and bugs fixed based on user feedback. If you are interested in joining please email Ian at This page is going to discuss some of the features on the website and then show a few screen shots.

Brief Overview

The most exciting feature is the ability to create a TOUR of your garden. A tour is a set of images arranged in a certain order which can be annotated with notes. Sort of like a slideshow with details. These notes let your draw the attention of another gardener/plant enthusiast to a garden feature, plant or animal you find cool. Multiple levels can be created so that you can describe your garden/hike from macro to micro. Tours can be placed in various categories such as California native plants, vegetable gardens, wilderness, wildlife gardens, etc.

A DISCUSSION can be created to ask for advice, share a link of interest(article, blog entry, etc) or just for a general discussion. Discussions can also, like tours, be placed in various categories such as Ask For Advice, California native plants, vegetable gardening, etc.

Screen Shots

Here are two screen shots, images taken of my screen while viewing the website, that capture a few features of the website:

Preview of browsing garden tours on GT. - grid24_12
Browsing tours on Ian's community site.
Viewing a user's tour on Ian's community website. - grid24_12
Viewing a tour on Ian's community site.
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