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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Pinyon-Juniper Woodland

Phacelia tanacetifolia

Phacelia tanacetifolia Lacy Phacelia
An annual wildflower of sizable portions that grows under creosote and other desert shrubs in the Mojave, Quercus dumosa, Q. Douglasiana and Juniperus californica and other dryland trees in the Califo... Learn more.

Philadelphus microphyllus

Philadelphus microphyllus Littleleaf Mock orange
Littlefeaf Mock Orange is a small banana/orange/pinapple/vanilla scented fragrant shrub that is drought tolerant. This mock orange grows in light shade to full sun and unlike it's cousin does not lik... Learn more.

Pinus edulis

Pinus edulis Pinyon Pine
... Learn more.

Pinus monophylla

Pinus monophylla Pinyon Pine
A very slow growing conifer. Do not expect 15 ft. in your lifetime. The biggest one we've been able to grow was about 3' tall in 7 years. It has 1" grey green needles , edible nuts, ( twenty years to ... Learn more.

Pinus quadrifolia

Pinus quadrifolia Parry Pinyon
A pinyon pine from So. Calif. into Baja on the west slopes of the desert margins. We've had customers rave about the symmetry and neatness of trees they've seen in Botanic gardens. The ones they saw w... Learn more.

Poa fendleriana

Poa fendleriana Mutton Grass
Mutton Grass is so called as it grows a bunch grass in many of the drier plant communities of the west and plains and is preferred by sheep. A fair sized bunch grass of soft texture, humm-m, tasty. I ... Learn more.

Poa scabrella

Poa scabrella Pine bluegrass
Pine bluegrass clumps are 2 ft. tall and 6 inches across. This very fine grass is dark green and ranges from the coast of Ca. to Wash.. Pine bluegrass, One sided Blue Grass, Needle grass grows in... Learn more.

Polypodium hesperium

Polypodium hesperium Western Polypody
A small creeping perennial fern that grows throughout much of the west to B.C. and Mexico. Western Polypody is usually found in rocky crevices that are seasonally(winter) wet drying in summer to no mo... Learn more.

Populus fremontii

Populus fremontii Western Cottonwood
A deciduous tree. Plant and stand back, very fast with regular water, on one site 30' in a year. We grow male trees, females have cotton. An excellent shade tree. Keep away from septic system. Do not ... Learn more.

Populus fremontii Carrizo

Populus fremontii Carrizo Fremont Cottonwood
'Carrizo', This form is for interior plantings only. It will get rust if the climate is too moist. This form is very tough. It should do fine in most desert sites and even into parts of the Great Basi... Learn more.

Populus fremontii Zapata

Populus fremontii Zapata Fremont Cottonwood
''Zapata'comes from a parent tree that is 80' tall and 40' wide out in a stream bed of a customers property. I had to stand on my pickup roof with a 10' pole pruner to get a bottom branch. It is nativ... Learn more.

Populus fremontiiX Calm

Populus fremontiiX Calm Fremont Cottonwood
'Calm' is from the California Living Museum in Bakersfield, this is at the mouth of Kern Canyon.This is a series of plants and they are not sex defined, they can have cotton. We use these for revegeta... Learn more.

Potentilla pectinisecta

Potentilla pectinisecta Bodie Buttercup
A 1 ft. perennial with deeply cut dark green leaves. Native to the mountains bordering the Mojave Desert. A different rock garden plant. It has grown here in full sun with no water or care. If you tri... Learn more.

Prunus andersonii

Prunus andersonii Desert Peach
A deciduous shrub that grows to 3-6 ft., with rose flowers emerging in the spring. Native to east slope Sierra Nevada up into Nevada. This Prunus species likes sun, dry conditions, and good drainage.... Learn more.

Prunus fasciculata

Prunus fasciculata Desert Almond
A rather nondescript deciduous shrub to 6\'. It\'s flowers are mot showy. There are little almonds on it in summer. It is a good transition plant between the oaks and the desert. It is also a good wil... Learn more.

Prunus fremontii

Prunus fremontii Desert Apricot
Desert Apricot grows in sandy washes and moister hillsides and gullies. This is one of the plants of the desert that you can't figure out have(or why) it grows. You'll almost never see a ripe fruit as... Learn more.

Purshia glandulosa

Purshia glandulosa Desert bitterbrush
Desert bitterbrush is anevergreen shrub that grows to 4' tall and 6' across. It is native from Tom's place north of Bishop, east into west central Nevada and south along the east side of the Sierras t... Learn more.

Purshia stansburiana

Purshia stansburiana Cliff Rose
... Learn more.

Purshia tridentata

Purshia tridentata Antelope Bitterbrush
Antelope Bitterbrush is a gray small-leaved shrub to six feet. You will generally see it only 4-5 foot tall. Antelope Bitterbrush grows on dry slopes, east Sierra Nevada, Tulare Co. North, 3000-10000f... Learn more.

Quercus lobata

Quercus lobata White Oak
Quercus lobata is a deciduous white oak tree that can grow to 70'. The fastest of our California Oaks. This native oak has deeply-lobed leaves with no bristles. The coloration is green with a little ... Learn more.

Rhamnus californica cuspidata

Rhamnus californica cuspidata California coffee berry
Rhamnus californica cuspidata form of Coffeberry from the Sierras and inner Coast Ranges of S. California. The only significant difference from this form and the regular species is dentate(small teet... Learn more.

Ribes cereum

Ribes cereum Wax Currant
... Learn more.

Salix exigua

Salix exigua Narrowleaf Willow
A tall deciduous shrub that is native from Texas to California to B.C.. It has a grey leaf that is only 1/4 inch wide and 2-5 inches long. I have seen these in Lee Vining, and they were growing in an... Learn more.

Salvia carduacea

Salvia carduacea Thistle Sage
A very colorful annual of hot interior areas. We do not generally grow annuals. ... Learn more.

Salvia Celestial Blue

Salvia Celestial Blue Purple Sage
... Learn more.

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