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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Pinyon-Juniper Woodland

Yucca whipplei parishii

Yucca whipplei parishii Our Lords Candle
This is a very large Yucca that can stop all intruders (or friends). Flower spike can be 10-15 ft. tall. This particular form is usually found in sandy washes in the areas between the mountains and th... Learn more.

Zauschneria californica mexicana

Zauschneria californica mexicana Common California Fuchsia
This California fuchsia is a low growing perennial that is useful if you need a ground cover in an area that gets 10-40" rainfall. After the first summer this fuchsia flowering plant can make it on it... Learn more.

Zauschneria californica Pink

Zauschneria californica Pink Pink California Fuchsia
... Learn more.

Zauschneria garrettii

Zauschneria garrettii Hummingbird trumpet
Hummingbird trumpet is a little perennial with big reddish orange flowers. This hummingbird fuchsia grows from the Kingston Mountains in the California deserts up into Utah and Wyoming. Seems to tol... Learn more.

Zauschneria latifolia

Zauschneria latifolia Mountain California Fuchsia
(Epilobium latifolium, Zauschneria californica ssp. latifolia, Epilobium canum var. latifolium)This California fuchsia is native from 10,000 foot down. I have only seen the pure form of this Californi... Learn more.

Zauschneria latifolia johnstonii

Zauschneria latifolia johnstonii Bush California Fuchsia
(Epilobium latifolia johnstonii)This form of California fuchsia grows in the mountains of southern California at middle elevations. It has done fine in the Deserts and interior valleys and along the c... Learn more.

Zigadenus brevibracteatus

Zigadenus brevibracteatus Desert Zigadene
A poisonous perennial bulb from the desert and inner coast ranges of California. Weird looking, weird to grow, weird in the garden. We occasionally grow a few when we're feeling weird. They really ha... Learn more.

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