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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Pinyon-Juniper Woodland

Salvia dorrii

Salvia dorrii Desert Sage
... Learn more.

Salvia pachyphylla

Salvia pachyphylla Rose Sage
Rose Sage is a 3 foot tall shrub with attractive blue flowers in showy purple bracts. This sage is similar to S. dorrii which occurs in juniper woodlands. Salvia pachyphylla needs no summer water in ... Learn more.

Shepherdia argentea

Shepherdia argentea Silver Buffaloberry
Buffaloberry(Shepherdia argetea) ia a thorny deciduous shrub that is dioecious. Silver buffalo berry has silvery leaves, white stems, and as it gets older, red berries in a wall of thorns. It is nat... Learn more.

Sisyrinchium bellum

Sisyrinchium bellum Blue-Eyed Grass
... Learn more.

Solanum umbelliferum incanum

Solanum umbelliferum incanum Bluewitch
Bluewitch is a 1-2' perennial with 1"flowers bright blue, with yellow centers and blooms most of the year. It has silver-gray foliage. Native in chaparral, Juniper-Oak woodland in central Calif. coast... Learn more.

Sphaeralcea ambigua

Sphaeralcea ambigua Desert Mallow
Desert Mallow is a two foot perennial with many one inch orange flowers on a two to three foot spike with gray, almost fuzzy foliage. Desert Hollyhock is another name for the plant with its flower... Learn more.

Sphaeralcea munroana

Sphaeralcea munroana Flame Checkers
... Learn more.

Sphaeralcea parvifolia

Sphaeralcea parvifolia Globe Mallow
A perennial, 2ft, flowers orange, gray foliage, Inyo Co. to Colo., Jun.-Jul., sun, drought tolerant, good drainage.... Learn more.

Stachys albens

Stachys albens White hedge nettle
This hedge nettle is native to moist spots in much of California. A good plant to put under the bird bath, in a dryland garden. Stachys albens will increase by rhizomes to the edge of the moist spot.... Learn more.

Stanleya elata Panamint Plume
A 4' perennial with a 3'spike of small yellow flower. It is a very showy and unusual desert plant. It needs full sun and no water after established. It will survive in dry areas. "Those on the tall st... Learn more.

Stanleya pinnata

Stanleya pinnata Princes Plume
... Learn more.

Stipa comata

Stipa comata Needle and thread grass
Needle and thread is a tufted little perennial grass that is probably the most wide ranging bunch grass of the west.... Learn more.

Stipa coronata depauperata

Stipa coronata depauperata Parsh's Needle Grass
This little bunch grass grows along the desert edges of much of the west. It's never forms a prairie, but is in little clumps amongst the wildflowers. This needle grass tolerates desert condition to n... Learn more.

Stipa speciosa

Stipa speciosa Desert needle grass
(Syn. Achnatherum speciosa) Desert needle grass is a 1-2' bunch grass that is native to Mojave and Colorado deserts and the s. Coast ranges and s.Sierra. Use for dry banks and paths , full sun, little... Learn more.

Streptanthus campestris Southern Jewelflower
Streptanthus campestris, Southern Jewel flower grows in openings in the Pinyon Juniper Woodland and Yellow Pine forests of Southern California. It's a short lived perennial or bi-annual so do not use ... Learn more.

Symphoricarpos longiflorus

Symphoricarpos longiflorus Desert Snowberry
(synonym:Symphoricarpos fragrans) Desert Snowberry is a small-leaved plant with dainty, pink tubular flowers that grows in moister spots in the desert mountains under Junipers, Pinus monophylla and ... Learn more.

Symphoricarpos parishii

Symphoricarpos parishii Mountain Snowberry
A rather low sprawling deciduous shrub that forms a sparse groundcover at middle to high elevations surrounding the S.Ca. deserts into Nev.,Ariz.. We\'ve seen them growing in part shade and just out o... Learn more.

Tetradymia spinosa longispina

Tetradymia spinosa longispina Cotton Thorn
Syn. Tetradymia axillaris longispina. Cottonthorn is a summer deciduous perennial shrub from the Desert. A pain to grow in any numbers at all, but we do eckkkk out a few occasionally. When insanity h... Learn more.

Thamnosma montana

Thamnosma montana Desert Rue
... Learn more.

Trichostema lanceolatum

Trichostema lanceolatum Vinegar weed
Vinegar weed, or Turpentine weed is an annual (We do not sell) occurs along the inner sections of the coast ranges from British Columbia to Baja. In our area it is common in the Salinas Valley, throug... Learn more.


Trifolium Clover
Our Native clovers are mostly annuals. We do not sell the seed but we do encourage the plants. The native clovers should not mowed or killed until the flowers are allowed to produce seed. This page ... Learn more.

Verbena goodingii

Verbena goodingii Pink Verbena
A little 1' tall by 3' across perennial that has bright pink-purple flowers. It likes good drainage and some summer water. It looks like the non-native verbena in many ways. It is native to 4000-6000'... Learn more.

Vitis girdiana

Vitis girdiana Southern California Grape
Differing from Vitis californica largely in geographic area, Desert Grape is native to Southern California and the islands. Desert Grape has silvery foliage and attractive black fruit. The grapes are ... Learn more.

Wyethia mollis

Wyethia mollis Woolly Mule's Ears
Woolly Mule Ears grow on both sides of the Sierras from Fresno County up into Eastern Oregon and Nevada. Wyethia mollis (syn. Alarconia a., Helianthus longifolius, H. Hookerianus, robusta, foliosa, so... Learn more.

Yucca whipplei caespitosa

Yucca whipplei caespitosa Chaparral Yucca
Chaparral Yucca is a large yucca that is in many ways similar to Joshua Tree. Being a large yucca branching from the base, makes a dramatic focal plant for the desert effect in a non-desert garden. ... Learn more.

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