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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Southern Oak Woodland

Venegasia carpesioides

Venegasia carpesioides Canyon Sunflower
Canyon Sunflower is a rather large perennial with two inch yellow sunflowers. Canyon Sunflower looks like yellow dahlias on bushes. It seems to always be in flower. The foliage is succulent and tende... Learn more.

Verbena lasiostachys

Verbena lasiostachys Western Vervain
California Vervain is an aggressive perennial that is weedy in gardens. In the wild it is a pioneer species that is used by many native butterflies and other insects. In the garden it will grow to 2-3... Learn more.

Viola pedunculata

Viola pedunculata Violet
California Johnny jump up is a little six inch high perennial that goes dormant in summer. Its flowers are yellow with purplish tinge, scented, and edible.This Yellow Pansy likes part shade, but will... Learn more.

Vitis girdiana

Vitis girdiana Southern California Grape
Differing from Vitis californica largely in geographic area, Desert Grape is native to Southern California and the islands. Desert Grape has silvery foliage and attractive black fruit. The grapes are ... Learn more.

Wyethia ovata

Wyethia ovata Southern Mule Ears
Southern Mule Ears is a little nondescript perennial that needs no care after the first few months of it's life. This Wyethia grows from 1200 to 6000 feet from the southern Sierras down into Baja.... Learn more.

Zauschneria californica Catalina

Zauschneria californica Catalina Island California Fuchsia
The Catalina form of California fuchsia is a fairly large upright flowering perennial. Very showy in late summer and fall when covered with 1-2 inch fuchsia flowers. But the primary reason to plant i... Learn more.

Zauschneria latifolium Laguna Mountain

Zauschneria latifolium Laguna Mountain California fuchsia
This California fuchsia grows up in the mountains of San Diego has green foliage and bright red flowers. ... Learn more.

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