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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Southern Oak Woodland

Quercus lobata

Quercus lobata White Oak
Quercus lobata is a deciduous white oak tree that can grow to 70'. The fastest of our California Oaks. This native oak has deeply-lobed leaves with no bristles. The coloration is green with a little ... Learn more.

Rhamnus crocea

Rhamnus crocea Redberry
An evergreen shrub that usually grows to 2' inland and flat near coast. It will get to about 6' across. Native to the coast ranges from Napa to Baja. It likes full sun near the coast and afternoon sha... Learn more.

Ribes aureum gracillimum

Ribes aureum gracillimum Golden Currant
... Learn more.

Ribes quercetorum

Ribes quercetorum Yellow Gooseberry
A sprawling 3' deciduous shrub. Its flowers are yellow in Mar.-May. Native to foothill slopes in south coast ranges and Sierra Nevada. It likes sun to part shade, partly dry to moderate water. This is... Learn more.

Salix lasiolepis

Salix lasiolepis Arroyo Willow
A 10-20\' deciduous shrub or tree. We list it for stream bank stabilization. This one is native to most of Ca. north to Idaho and Alaska. It is native on the nursery site in the seasonal creek. A pion... Learn more.

Salvia columbariae

Salvia columbariae Chia
A little annual sage that doesn't look like a sage. Not much scent but nice 1 inch flowers on a 1-2 foot plant. Native on the south slopes on rock or gravel. Chia grows commonly on disturbed soil. But... Learn more.

Salvia Gracias

Salvia Gracias Creeping sage
... Learn more.

Salvia Pozo Blue

Salvia Pozo Blue Grey Musk Sage
... Learn more.

Salvia spathacea

Salvia spathacea Hummingbird Sage
Hummingbird Sage is an one foot high perennial that spreads by rhizomes. This sage is native to coastal California from Napa to Orange. As the name implies Hummingbirds work this species very heavily... Learn more.

Salvia spathacea Topanga

Salvia spathacea Topanga Los Angeles Hummingbird Sage
... Learn more.

Sanicula crassicaulis

Sanicula crassicaulis Snakeroot
Native in our San Luis Obispo area in the shade of Quercus douglasii and Pinus Sabiniana. In oak woodland/chaparral sites where the understory is dominated by alien, annual grasses, this Sanicule su... Learn more.

Satureja chandleri

Satureja chandleri Shrubby Yerba Buena
San Miguel savory ... Learn more.

Saxifraga californica

Saxifraga californica
A perennial, 1" white flowers on 1' stems, a north slope plant to include with ferns, excellent drainage.... Learn more.

Senecio clevelandii

Senecio clevelandii
A Perennial, 1-2' high with orange plumes off a leafy base. Native to Napa and Lake Counties in serpentine soils. A little grey perennial with yellow composite flowers. An important butterfly plant in... Learn more.

Senecio douglasii

Senecio douglasii Butterweed
A two-three foot perennial with one-inch yellow daisies. It looks like a grey marguerite. It is useful in revegetation, bank stabilization, or in dryland gardens. Give sun and little or no water in mo... Learn more.

Solanum xanti

Solanum xanti Purple Nightshade
Purple nightshade is a 2-3' tall perennial with one inch wide purple flowers and dark green foliage. It is native in areas that receive 10-20" of rainfall. The variation obispoense (Hoover) is nativ... Learn more.

Stachys albens

Stachys albens White hedge nettle
This hedge nettle is native to moist spots in much of California. A good plant to put under the bird bath, in a dryland garden. Stachys albens will increase by rhizomes to the edge of the moist spot.... Learn more.

Stachys pycnantha

Stachys pycnantha Short-spiked Hedge Nettle
Short-spiked Hedge Nettle is a light green perennial with globe-shaped, compact, clusters of white/maroon flowers and fragrant leaves. Commonly associated with serpentinite soil. This perennial needs... Learn more.

Stipa cernua

Stipa cernua Nodding needlegrass
Nodding Needle Grass is a 2-3' perennial bunch grass that grows in the foothills of California. Leaves glaucous,(covered with a thin film of wax, that makes the leaf appear more bluish, whitish) gray... Learn more.

Stipa pulchra

Stipa pulchra Purple Stipa
... Learn more.

Styrax officinalis fulvescens

Styrax officinalis fulvescens Southern Snowdrop bush
(Styrax officinalis var. redivivus), SOuthern Snowdrop Bush, is native in San Luis Obispo county about 15 miles from us, and south down through San Diego. Grows on reddish sand stone or decomposed gra... Learn more.

Symphoricarpos mollis

Symphoricarpos mollis Southern California Snowberry
... Learn more.

Thalictrum polycarpum

Thalictrum polycarpum Meadow Rue
A 2\' perennial with flowers arising 1\' above it. The foliage is green-grey with a leaf much like its columbine cousin. The flowers are an unusually delicate assortment of 1/2\" chinese lanterns, tas... Learn more.

Toxicodendron diversilobum

Toxicodendron diversilobum Poison oak
Poison-oak is a suckering deciduous shrub that can become a vine if given something to climb onto. Poison oak uses aerial roots to sucker and to latch onto trees or walls. We do not grow it as we've ... Learn more.


Trifolium Clover
Our Native clovers are mostly annuals. We do not sell the seed but we do encourage the plants. The native clovers should not mowed or killed until the flowers are allowed to produce seed. This page ... Learn more.

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