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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Creosote Bush Scrub

Salvia eremostachya

Salvia eremostachya Santa Rosa Sage
Santa Rosa Sage grows in dry stream beds and gravelly slopes along the western edge of the Colorado desert from about Palm Springs to Baja.... Learn more.

Salvia funerea

Salvia funerea Death Valley Sage
Salvia funerea. Death Valley Sage grows in the Eastern Mojave Desert from about the Old Woman Mountains through the mountains surrounding Death valley and into Southern Nevada. This Sage is something... Learn more.

Salvia mohavensis

Salvia mohavensis Mojave sage
(syn. Audibertia capitata, Audibertiella c., Ramona c.) Mojave sage is a nice little perennial sage from the Little San Bernardino mountains to the Clark mountains of Nevada. Bright fuzzy green leaves... Learn more.

Salvia vaseyi

Salvia vaseyi Wand Sage
Wand sage is a 4 foot tall gray shrub with white flowers. It has very long, wand-like flowers that rise high above the short mound of gray foliage. It is found in the Colorado and Mojave deserts in ... Learn more.

Sarcostemma hirtellum

Sarcostemma hirtellum Rambling Milkweed
Rambling Milkweed grows in desert washes from Southern Nevada into Baja, Northern Mexico and western Arizona. In California Rambling Milkweed ranges throughout most of the hot desert areas. Rather we... Learn more.

Senna covesii

Senna covesii Coues' cassia
Coues' cassia flowers are very much like a Palo Verde's, shrub is like Encelia farinosa. This Cassia has done very well in the nursery. I keep expecting it to be difficult and picky. Doesn't seem to... Learn more.

Sidalcea neomexicana

Sidalcea neomexicana Checkers
Checkers, Sidalcea neomexicana, has a clump of dark green leaves six inches or so across producing two feet tall stems with many one inch wide mauve flowers. Wow, that was a long sentence, if that was... Learn more.

Simmondsia chinensis

Simmondsia chinensis Jojoba
Jojoba is an evergreen shrub 3-4 ft. tall,, dioecious, smooth, gray-green leaves. Native to dry slopes bordering Mojave Desert and throughout S. Arizona. It likes full sun, no water after established.... Learn more.

Sphaeralcea ambigua

Sphaeralcea ambigua Desert Mallow
Desert Mallow is a two foot perennial with many one inch orange flowers on a two to three foot spike with gray, almost fuzzy foliage. Desert Hollyhock is another name for the plant with its flower... Learn more.

Sphaeralcea emoryi

Sphaeralcea emoryi Emory's Desert Mallow
Emory globemallow grows throughout most of the desert areas of the west. Give the plant full sun, mineral soil(no amendments), no mulch other than a rock mulch. Tolerates regular water but will be sho... Learn more.

Stanleya pinnata

Stanleya pinnata Princes Plume
... Learn more.

Stipa speciosa

Stipa speciosa Desert needle grass
(Syn. Achnatherum speciosa) Desert needle grass is a 1-2' bunch grass that is native to Mojave and Colorado deserts and the s. Coast ranges and s.Sierra. Use for dry banks and paths , full sun, little... Learn more.

Suaeda torreyana Torrey Sea-Blite
(Syn. S. moquinii) Jaeger says it much better than I: Inkweed thrives only in soils containing both salt and alkali, and generally occurs around the edges of wet-type dry lakes in which moisture is ne... Learn more.

Thamnosma montana

Thamnosma montana Desert Rue
... Learn more.

Viguiera deltoidea parishii

Viguiera deltoidea parishii Desert Sunflower
Desert Sunflower is a interesting perennial shrub with two inch yellow composite flowers that bloom in summer. Our plants go deciduous here in the winters and then come back. They have proved to be ... Learn more.

Vitis girdiana

Vitis girdiana Southern California Grape
Differing from Vitis californica largely in geographic area, Desert Grape is native to Southern California and the islands. Desert Grape has silvery foliage and attractive black fruit. The grapes are ... Learn more.

Washingtonia filifera

Washingtonia filifera California Fan Palm
Hardy to about 10 the desert, ours have come back from 15 deg. with no damage, native to Ca. deserts, will eventually be a 50 ft. tree, very stout trunk. This is more beautiful than the palms... Learn more.

Yucca schidigera

Yucca schidigera Mojave Yucca
Yucca schidigera, Mojave Yucca is a 5ft tall plant with tall spires of cream colored flowers. Mojave Yucca is native plant from Baja California to Nevada. Jaeger says it is the most common yucca of th... Learn more.

Yucca whipplei

Yucca whipplei Quixote Plant
Our lords candle is that spectacular yucca that grows in much of Southern California. Well behaved and easy in most dry gardens. GREAT to plant as a 'hedge' in many of the areas of Southern Californ... Learn more.

Zigadenus brevibracteatus

Zigadenus brevibracteatus Desert Zigadene
A poisonous perennial bulb from the desert and inner coast ranges of California. Weird looking, weird to grow, weird in the garden. We occasionally grow a few when we're feeling weird. They really ha... Learn more.

Ziziphus parryi

Ziziphus parryi California Lotebush
Ziziphus parryi grows along the west side of the desert from Morongo Valley into Baja. The little date like fruit ripens in August turning golden. The fruit is edible, it probably will not kill you... Learn more.

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