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Boring would be good.

We had a brown out last night at about 11 pm. that set off all the ups in the house(3 of them) and the big brave Harry Potter freaked out because the aliens had arrived and they were coming for him. (The last time they beamed him up and apparently neutered him.) So we missed some sleep turning everything off in the dark. Every morning I wander over and feed the horses that we use as weed mowers. and Harry and Foxxy bark at everything. But this morning the tree was on fire and we were still out of power. Hum? Snooped around with dogs inside and figured out where the wires were. So the dogs got their ride in the white chariot (Jeep) but then we had to come back and call PG&E and lock the loose feet up. No power from 730AM to almost 5 PM and we had five small orders to get out. It's amazingly hard to do anything with no power. Oh and we also ran out of water, haven't figured out why yet. The backup water worked, the generator or the inverter didn't work. No phone, no Internet,and no printer. The cell phones replaced the phone, the UPS(s) were used to bring up the Internet, but the printer was too much for the 1250 UPS so we couldn't print anything. We're going to have to put up a mini office that can handle all of the stuff with no power. BTW, it was a Torrey Pine that fell over.
The wires were in the tree causing brown outs all night. Notice the cross bar is also broken. - grid24_12
Up in smoke.
Notice the wires around the tractor. They was hot. Sure would have started me up if I'd tried to started it. - grid24_12
Hot wired.
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