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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Out the office window.

Here's the view out the office window over a couple of days, on and off. I didn't manage to get the chipmunk, he figured out I was trying to film him and he ran off. I also missed the bushtits that were working the seeds of both the Zauschneria and Oenothera hookeri. The smaller birds are hard to get movies of as they jump every few seconds.
For any of you that care, I used the Pentax Kx for these little videos. Combined them with Avidemux and compressed them with Handbrake.

If you watch carefully in the rabbit sequence the Hummingbird is chasing a Carpenter Bee that was robbing the nectar of the Zauschneria.

A Hammond's Fly Catcher through the back window. - grid24_12
A Hammond's Fly Catcher through the back window. I need to clean the glass...
A chipmunk foraging in the back yard.
I tried repeatedly to get one of the chipmunks into the video but they never stayed in one spot long enough.

Sorry, I didn't have enough time to focus but here are two gray foxes.

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