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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

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a really cute criminal flashing the cars as they drove by.

Here are some simple 'rules' of landscaping.

Out the Office window.
A Desert Cottontail, the gray blob is an Anna Hummingbird chasing a Carpenter Bee.

Here are a few of the little critters out the office window.

Use of our content.
Salvia dorrii in with Artemisia tridentata and Pinus monophylla.

Why we need you to link anything that you use from our site.

Plant a little early this year.
The Santa Margarita location can get cold. We get snow every couple of years and temperatures commonly to 15F(-10C), historic lows of -4F((-20). Not recommended for open container stock

Plant a little early this year if you wish to stay dry.

How we build our pages
Here is the page manager of the 24 grid that we use to edit the pages.

Here a glimpse of our page editor and how the website is built. <br>We are primarily a Linux oper