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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Las Pilitas Blog

Wind breaks
The wind turbines out by Mojave. Notice the turbines are on the ridges not the valley.

A simple guide to windbreaks.

Boring would be good.
Harry the dog yawning as he's asking are we done yet.

It would be lovely if things wouldn't fall down or break around here.

25 native plants for the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys
Pale swallowtail on a Western Redbud

Ok, here are 25 native plants for the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys that probably will survive.

Winter Warriors
Ramona Manzanita starts flowering in November.

Winter is one of the most active times in California, get out of your house and at least explore.

Decorating with stump
Moving a stump

Decorating with stump.

What is a natural plant?
Coyote Bush as a hedge looks natural. But man disturbed the area and created a site for the Coyote Bush. Is that natural?

What is a natural plant. Why do people search for natural plants? I'd love to know.

What, What?
An amature photographer that commonly takes good pictures of wildlife

How can we improve the site? With our limited resources and time, what simple things could we do?

Twenty easy native plants for Los Angeles.

Twenty easy native plants for Los Angeles. It started out as ten, but there are so many fun ones th

Ten easy native plants for the Bay Area.
Arctostaphylos densiflora, Sentinel Manzanita works well as a low hedge or foundation plant.

Ten easy native plants for the Bay Area. From sun to shade, these plants need little or no care afte

How do these dormant plants know it rained?

Bird id.
A Hammond's Fly Catcher through the back window.

Does anyone know what this is? The fall birds are rather hard to figure out.

New Search Tool
an old photo of a fence in Carrizo Plains

Our new search results.

a really cute criminal flashing the cars as they drove by.

Here are some simple 'rules' of landscaping.

Out the Office window.
A Desert Cottontail, the gray blob is an Anna Hummingbird chasing a Carpenter Bee.

Here are a few of the little critters out the office window.

Use of our content.
Salvia dorrii in with Artemisia tridentata and Pinus monophylla.

Why we need you to link anything that you use from our site.

Plant a little early this year.
The Santa Margarita location can get cold. We get snow every couple of years and temperatures commonly to 15F(-10C), historic lows of -4F((-20). Not recommended for open container stock

Plant a little early this year if you wish to stay dry.

How we build our pages
Here is the page manager of the 24 grid that we use to edit the pages.

Here a glimpse of our page editor and how the website is built. <br>We are primarily a Linux oper

Hong Kong Plants for California?
An orchard in the San Joaquin Valley.

Do you know your rainfall?

The Two Salvia 'Pozo Blue' that lived

Pozo Blue sage, survival of the fittest.

My Ribes is dead so I pulled it out!
Keckiella antirrhinoides, Yellow Bush Snapdragon and Ribes aureum gracillimum, summer dormancy.

Many chaparral species are shutting down right now. Their leaves start to shrivel and turn brown. This a normal part of their life cycle.

Chipmunk eating manzanita berries. Merriam's chipmunk (Neotamias merriami)

Two days of spare time to figure our something that proved to be simple. A video of a chipmunk with

Page Format
We hug all of our native plants before we send off to you.

Do you like the format I put in the Sage page or the Buckwheat page?

More videos
A back road through Pinyon Juniper Woodland

Ok here's what we do for 'fun'. A short video of a road trip.

Green Buckwheat
Green Buckwheat

It tough being green. Should we do anything with this green buckwheat?

More about movies and watering.
Apache Plume, Fallugia paradoxa in the desert.

This is really about watering. We have also added movies to the Ribes and Sage pages.

Repairing the potting truck

The month of stupid problems. June is usually a month where we slow done a little and we can fix stu

Mowing weeds
Our push mower

mowing weeds with a push mower

Road Rage
West of Cottonwood Pass on Hwy. 41 Clarkias are the pink in the distance.

Road rage in other areas.

Some other things we do.
Dan Venya at the Visalia drop off.

delivering plants to Visalia

Western Fence lizard and Racer Snake
What do you get when you put a Racer Snake and Lizard together? Lunch. (And no I didn't do anything but the photo.)

Western Fence lizard and Racer Snake

Soda Labels
Heavy scissors work better than garden snips for cutting the can.

Simple and cheap plant labels out of soda cans, or beer?

Rufous or Allen
Is it a Rufous or Allen Hummingbird? Only the males know. The plant is Ribes malvaceum, Pink Chaparral Currant.

Is it a Rufous or Allen's Hummingbird?

Problems behind scenes of the website.
Coastal redwood forest with the remains of logging from decades ago that has created an opening in  California's Coastal Redwood forest filled with  Western Sword Fern (Polystichum munitum), and Elderberry. Please do not steal our photos!

One of the problems we've been working on behind the scenes for months.

Our attempt at a blog.
The flowers on Acer negundo.

This is for the rants, technical stuff, musings and things we haven't figured out what to do with.