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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Wholesale customers:

The Santa Margarita store is curently not selling wholesale. General rules for wholesale:

  1. Plants that are hard to grow or have limited quantities available will be retail only.
  2. Wholesale customers must take less time then a retail customer.
    • Wholesale customers must know what they want ahead of time and not need help with design or plant selection from us.
    • Wholesale customers must not call us and ask us to go on the website and tell them what is in stock.
    • After checking to see what we have available and if it is what they want, they need to email thier list to for the Santa margarita nursery, val@laspilitas.comfor the Escondido nursery. We do not respond to bids and quotes as the information is on the website. This is not a place to email bids or quotes. This is the "we have what you want and you want to make an appointment to pick it up and pay for it" email.
    • Appointments for pick-up are required for the Santa Margarita Nursery not Escondido. When we pull your plants at the Santa Margarita nursery they will be out of the irrigated and protected areas. So they need to be picked up at the appointed time.
  3. Wholesale customers must be planning on reselling the plants so please have the proper certification and email it to me with your list.
    • We may offer full wholesale to :
      • Currently licensed C-27 landscape contractors or California nurseries that are in the yellow pages or have a website (PERIOD).
    • We may offer small discounts off retail prices to:
      • Professional gardeners, landscape designers, general contractors or architects or landscape architects that we can find in the yellow pages.
    • Not:
      • Businesses with liquor, janitor, food service, or other such resale licenses.
      • People growing plants in their backyard for their friends. (not kidding, people try this one)
  4. Wholesale customers must buy in bulk, and not one of 50 different species.

  5. We only ship mailorder at regular retail prices. There is no wholesale discount.

  6. We do not accept purchase orders on wholesale purchases, nor do we allow credit purchases. We do not do bids. For a quote from Santa Margarita check: Santa Margarita Store - Printable Plant Product Listing  or Escondido Escondido Store - Printable Plant Product Listing. Bid with our plants at full retail so as the quantities change you will be covered.

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