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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Yellow Pine Forest

Fragaria virginiana platypetala

Fragaria virginiana platypetala Western Alpine Strawberry
A flat perennial strawberry with gray leaves, ranges in the wilds from California to British Columbia, to Wyoming. In California it ranges from 4000 to 10,000+ feet in the Sierra Nevada mountains. As... Learn more.

Fraxinus latifolia

Fraxinus latifolia Oregon Ash
Oregon Ash is a tree of the meadows and stream banks of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. In California this ash is usually in more sheltered locations. It takes centuries to become a 150 ft. specimen ... Learn more.

Fraxinus latifolia X velutina

Fraxinus latifolia X velutina Ash
Deciduous tree, sun with moderate water, height up to 30 ft., found near water. Native in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains, and moist areas in the southern portion of the great valley and Sierra ... Learn more.

Fraxinus velutina Velvet Ash
Velvet Ash is a small deciduous tree, ranging from Santa Barbara county south to San Diego county. It grows usually less than 30 feet tall and grows very fast. Velvet Ash needs regular water until i... Learn more.

Fremontodendron California Glory

Fremontodendron California Glory Flannel Bush, Fremontia
California Glory was introduced by Rancho Santa Ana Garden in 1962. It is a hybrid between F. californicum and F. mexicanum. It is one of the better hybrids in its stability and flower show. Flannel b... Learn more.

Fremontodendron californicum

Fremontodendron californicum California Flannel Bush
(Fremontia)An evergreen shrub fast to 5', can grow to 10 ft.. Explodes with yellow flowers, 3 inches across, in spring. Native to dry slopes, Sierra Nevada, coast ranges, S. Calif. mountains. Likes su... Learn more.

Fremontodendron Ken Taylor

Fremontodendron Ken Taylor Ken Taylors Flannel
Ken Taylor owned a nursery in the Aromas area for years. Taylor Nursery produced native plants and very rare or unusual exotics. Taylor nursery was also into bonsai which is why he probably was afte... Learn more.

Fremontodendron Pacific Sunset

Fremontodendron Pacific Sunset Flannel Bush
Pacific Sunset was introduced by Rancho Santa Ana Garden. This flannel bush is a hybrid between F. californicum and F. mexicanum. Flannel bushes like lighter soils with moisture nearby, but not nex... Learn more.

Garrya flavescens pallida

Garrya flavescens pallida Pale Ashy Silk-tassel Bush
Pale Ashy Silk-tassel Bush is an eight foot evergreen shrub, a tough shrub where you need drought tolerance and a light green-gray foliage, native to the mountains of coastal central California to E.... Learn more.

Garrya fremontii Bear brush
Fremont Silktassel grows in much of California from the Southern California mountains, through the Sierra and up along the north coast. Although it can live in coastal valleys, you can also find it up... Learn more.

Geranium californicum

Geranium californicum California Geranium
California Geranium is a perennial, pink flowers, June-July, damp meadows, high elevations, Sierra Nevada, a rock garden subject, has flourished here with reg. water, very hardy. We've seen them on th... Learn more.

Geranium viscosissimum

Geranium viscosissimum Sticky Geranium
Sticky Geranium is a six inch to one foot tall perennial with one inch pink flowers with reddish-purple lines on the petals and lovely dissected leaves. It flowers from June through August. Sticky Ger... Learn more.

Gilia aggregata

Gilia aggregata Skyrocket
Scarlet Gilia is a biennial or short lived perennial that grows one to three foot tall with one to multiple stems of red tubular flowers. Rather common in open sandy areas of middle elevations where ... Learn more.

Gilia capitata

Gilia capitata Globe Gilia
A rather robust annual with 1-2" clusters of blue flowers in spring that are used by many butterflies. It is native in many places in our area in rocky screes with too much sun. The meager grass on th... Learn more.

Gnaphalium microcephalum thermale

Gnaphalium microcephalum thermale Feltleaf everlasting
(syn. Gnaphalium canescens ssp. thermale, Gnaphalium albidum, Pseudognaphalium thermale) A grey short lived perennial that grows in open loose ground. Common in fresh road cuts or in burned over area... Learn more.

Heleocharis macrostachya

Heleocharis macrostachya Common Spike Rush
A 1 foot high rhizomatous dark green plant. It looks like a miniature rush, or a funny-looking lawn grass. It needs regular moisture. It grows throughout the west and much of the world along streams, ... Learn more.

Heleocharis palustris

Heleocharis palustris
A one foot high rhizomatous dark green plant. It looks like a miniature rush, or a funny-looking lawn grass. It needs regular moisture. It grows throughout the west and much of the world along strea... Learn more.

Helianthus gracilentus

Helianthus gracilentus Slender Sunflower
A 1' perennial with 2" yellow daisy flowers in May-Oct.. Native to central and south coast ranges. A showy plant that the deer don't seem to eat. Freezes to the ground each winter but comes back with ... Learn more.

Heuchera hirsutissima

Heuchera hirsutissima Idyllwild Rock Flower
... Learn more.

Heuchera rubescens

Heuchera rubescens Pink alum root
Pink alumroot in highly variable, sometimes deep pink, sometimes nearly white. Sometimes the plants are low and creeping, sometimes more mounding. native from New Mexico and Texas to the Pacific North... Learn more.

Holodiscus microphyllus microphyllus

Holodiscus microphyllus microphyllus
A perennial shrub that hides in rocky crevices at high elevations. Flowers are small and not very showy but the hardiness of the plant along with the grey foliage make it an interesting mix with the l... Learn more.

Horkelia rydbergii

Horkelia rydbergii Bolander's Horkelia
This Horkelia grows in our mountains from the Big Bear area across to Mt. Pinos and in the higher mountains up into Monterey County. A low green, aromatic perennial that is a magnet for native insects... Learn more.

Iris hartwegii

Iris hartwegii Sierra Iris
The Sierra Iris is a creamy, butter- yellow color with darker yellow along the center of the petals and on the inner portion of the petals. Flowers can sometimes be purple! It spreads slowly through u... Learn more.

Iris macrosiphon

Iris macrosiphon Ground Iris
Bowl-Tubed Iris has a weak rhizome and 1-2 ft. greenish-gray leaves, yellow to purple flowers. Native to north central California and likes full sun to part shade with regular water. This iris does ... Learn more.

Iris missouriensis

Iris missouriensis Western Blue Flag
Western Blue Flag is native from S. Dakota to southern California to B.C.. This Iris is a foot or so high perennial with 2-3 inch, pale lavender flowers. Western Blue Flag grows at higher elevations,... Learn more.

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