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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Riparian (rivers & creeks)

Populus fremontii Zapata

Populus fremontii Zapata Fremont Cottonwood
''Zapata'comes from a parent tree that is 80' tall and 40' wide out in a stream bed of a customers property. I had to stand on my pickup roof with a 10' pole pruner to get a bottom branch. It is nativ... Learn more.

Populus fremontiiX Calm

Populus fremontiiX Calm Fremont Cottonwood
'Calm' is from the California Living Museum in Bakersfield, this is at the mouth of Kern Canyon.This is a series of plants and they are not sex defined, they can have cotton. We use these for revegeta... Learn more.

Populus tremuloides

Populus tremuloides Quaking Aspen
A deciduous tree to 20 or 30 foot. It does not like to live at lower elevations. It has survived in some spots where it shouldn\'t for a long time. But it is slow compared to its speed at higher eleva... Learn more.

Populus trichocarpa

Populus trichocarpa Black Cottonwood
... Learn more.

Potentilla glandulosa

Potentilla glandulosa Sticky Cinquefoil
Sticky Cinquefoil is a one to two foot tall perennial with creamy, yellow flowers. It has soft pinnately compound leaves and red stems. It is found along the coast of California and in the foothills... Learn more.

Potentilla pectinisecta

Potentilla pectinisecta Bodie Buttercup
A 1 ft. perennial with deeply cut dark green leaves. Native to the mountains bordering the Mojave Desert. A different rock garden plant. It has grown here in full sun with no water or care. If you tri... Learn more.

Prunella vulgaris lanceolata

Prunella vulgaris lanceolata Self Heal
A clumping perennial of forests and meadows from Alaska to S. Cal.. Western Self heal differs from the European form largely by a narrower leaf. Use in a meadow or natural lawn. It is a low lying pere... Learn more.

Prunus subcordata

Prunus subcordata Sierra Plum
... Learn more.

Psoralea macrostachya

Psoralea macrostachya Leather Root
Synonym: Hoita macrostachya. A deciduous perennial that grows to 6 ft. tall with pea-shaped purple flower clusters. The Indians used the roots as rope fiber. Psoralea macrostachya is a stream-side or... Learn more.

Psoralea orbicularis

Psoralea orbicularis Giant Clover
Synonym: Hoita orbicularis. Picture a patch of clover, but the foliage is huge, each 3 leaf cluster is 2-3 inches across. The patch forms a 1 foot high mat that can commonly be 10 ft across. Useful i... Learn more.

Puccinellia nuttalliana

Puccinellia nuttalliana Nuttall's alkali grass
Nuttall's alkali grass grows in alkaline moist spots. You know, those troublesome spots that do not drain and have salt rings about them. This plant is also know as Poa airoides and Puccinellia airoid... Learn more.

Pycnanthemum californicum

Pycnanthemum californicum Mountain Mint
Pycnanthemum californicum, Mountain Mint is a fragrant perennial herb with dense clusters of small, white flowers (with lavender spots). It has very nice looking shiny gray foliage. In the garden Mou... Learn more.

Quercus agrifolia

Quercus agrifolia Coast Live Oak
This California oak tree has dark green holly-like leaves and is native to the coast ranges of California. This, like most of the other oaks is a climax species and needs a little protection and lov... Learn more.

Quercus lobata

Quercus lobata White Oak
Quercus lobata is a deciduous white oak tree that can grow to 70'. The fastest of our California Oaks. This native oak has deeply-lobed leaves with no bristles. The coloration is green with a little ... Learn more.

Ribes aureum aureum

Ribes aureum aureum Golden Currant
A 3-6' short deciduous shrub. The flowers are scented yellow. It flowers from April to May. Native to moist areas, central Sierra Nevada east to Rocky Mtns. It likes sun to part shade. It can tolerate... Learn more.

Ribes nevadense

Ribes nevadense Pink Sierra Currant
... Learn more.

Ribes sanguineum glutinosum

Ribes sanguineum glutinosum Pink-Flowered Currant
... Learn more.

Rosa californica

Rosa californica California wild rose
... Learn more.

Rosa nutkana

Rosa nutkana Nootka Rose
This rose looks (and acts) like a native Sweet-Bier or Eglantine Rose. It\'s native from Northern California to Alaska and Montana growing in moist spots, meadow edges, edges of freshwater marshes, no... Learn more.

Rubus leucodermis

Rubus leucodermis Western Raspberry
An arching dec. shrub-vine. Thorny with whitish stems, green leaves and red to black raspberry-like berries. I\'ve only seen western Raspberry in the redwoods/Douglas Fir around Willits. It was a bram... Learn more.

Rubus spectabilis

Rubus spectabilis Salmon Berry
A large thornless bramble with raspberries. Native from Northern California Coastal ranges up through Alaska. ... Learn more.

Rubus ursinus

Rubus ursinus Pacific blackberry
... Learn more.

Salix exigua

Salix exigua Narrowleaf Willow
A tall deciduous shrub that is native from Texas to California to B.C.. It has a grey leaf that is only 1/4 inch wide and 2-5 inches long. I have seen these in Lee Vining, and they were growing in an... Learn more.

Salix gooddingii

Salix gooddingii San Joaquin Willow
A 15-30' deciduous shrub-tree. Yellow stems and light green leaves. Native through much of the Southwest. Not a fast grower. It spends most of its first few year growing roots. We have seen this in th... Learn more.

Salix gooddingii variabilis San Joaquin Willow
A 15-30ft deciduous shrub-tree. Yellow stems and light green leaves. Native through much of the Southwest. Not a fast grower. It spends most of its first few year growing roots. ... Learn more.

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