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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Mixed-evergreen Forest

Ribes sericeum

Ribes sericeum Santa Lucia Gooseberry
A gooseberry that grows on north slopes and under bays, oaks, madrones, big leaf maples and occasional pines from Arroyo Grande to Monterey. This gooseberry can grow in pretty heavy shade and in sprin... Learn more.

Rosa gymnocarpa

Rosa gymnocarpa Wood Rose
Wood Rose is a delicate sub-shrub that arches up to 3'. Normally 2'. A bristly slender shrub with fairly large fragrant pink flowers. This looks like a little formal perennial in cultivation. In the ... Learn more.

Rosa pinetorum

Rosa pinetorum Whiskey Rose
A beautiful rose that we've seen only twice in the wild, once in the town of Quincy on a north facing slope(can you say COLD) under interior live oak and bays, and once at the edge of a redwood forest... Learn more.

Rubus leucodermis

Rubus leucodermis Western Raspberry
An arching dec. shrub-vine. Thorny with whitish stems, green leaves and red to black raspberry-like berries. I\'ve only seen western Raspberry in the redwoods/Douglas Fir around Willits. It was a bram... Learn more.

Rubus ursinus

Rubus ursinus Pacific blackberry
... Learn more.

Satureja douglasii

Satureja douglasii Yerba Buena
... Learn more.

Sedum spathulifolium

Sedum spathulifolium Stonecrop
A perennial, flowers yellow, May-July, blue-green leaves in rosettes, rocky places, mountainous areas of Calif., sun to part shade, water sparingly except in winter-spring. Set plant at an angle so wa... Learn more.

Sequoia sempervirens

Sequoia sempervirens Coast Redwood
A conifer that grows very fast to 60' in twenty years. It has dark green leaves . Give regular water and plenty of room. It will grow in very dry areas if it gets lots of water along with good drainag... Learn more.

Sidalcea malvaeflora

Sidalcea malvaeflora Checkerbloom
This checker bloom is a perennial with a small cluster of leaves at its base and a 2-3ft. spike of 1 inch deep pink flowers. The stems are rather lax as it grows in perennial grass thickets in season... Learn more.

Sidalcea oregana

Sidalcea oregana Checker
A 4\" high perennial with pink flowers, and green foliage. A rock garden plant that you\'ll find along the edges of meadows, north moist rocky slopes and seasonal seep/snow pockets in many western sta... Learn more.

Smilacina stellata

Smilacina stellata False Solomons Seal
Commonly grows in shady places, under Oaks, in oak woodland/coastal sage scrub. Flowers are in a raceme followed by white berries. Goes dormant in the summer when no rain fall occurs and dies to base... Learn more.

Stachys ajugoides ajugoides Persnickety Pink

Stachys ajugoides ajugoides Persnickety Pink Pink Hedge Nettle
A petite rhizomatous perennial glandular hedge nettle with white/pale pink (with purplish pink markings)flowers, and fuzzy light green leaves. This plant grows in many plant communities, from the c... Learn more.

Stachys bullata

Stachys bullata Hedge Nettle
Native to the coast ranges from San Francisco to Los Angeles. From April through August 1/2"pink flowers emerge on a 1-2' interrupted spike that make excellent cut flowers. It likes part shade/full sh... Learn more.

Stachys chamissonis

Stachys chamissonis Magenta Butterfly Flower
A 2-3' perennial with 1-2" purple-pink fl.. A good hummingbird plant. This plant grows in wet spots of the redwood belt and in SLO County. It seems to be stable here as long as we give it water, water... Learn more.

Stachys pycnantha

Stachys pycnantha Short-spiked Hedge Nettle
Short-spiked Hedge Nettle is a light green perennial with globe-shaped, compact, clusters of white/maroon flowers and fragrant leaves. Commonly associated with serpentinite soil. This perennial needs... Learn more.

Staphylea bolanderi

Staphylea bolanderi Bladder Nut
Companion plants include Dicentra, Asarum hartwegii, Acer macrophyllum, Cornus nuttallii, Actaea rubra ssp. arguta, Torreya californica, Heuchera micrantha, Pseudotsuga menziesii, Quercus kelloggii, C... Learn more.

Symphoricarpos albus laevigatus

Symphoricarpos albus laevigatus Common Snowberry
... Learn more.

Symphoricarpos mollis

Symphoricarpos mollis Southern California Snowberry
... Learn more.

Symphoricarpos rivularis

Symphoricarpos rivularis
(see S. albus laevigatus, A 2-4ft deciduous shrub, gradually forming a small thicket 4-6ft wide. Native to the coast ranges, San Luis Obispo north to Alaska. ... Learn more.

Tellima grandiflora

Tellima grandiflora Fringe cup
Tellima grandiflora, Fringe cup, is a groundcover or perennial for shady moist spots. It has thrived in the green house with twice per day water where other plants have rotted right off. But it has al... Learn more.

Thalictrum polycarpum

Thalictrum polycarpum Meadow Rue
A 2\' perennial with flowers arising 1\' above it. The foliage is green-grey with a leaf much like its columbine cousin. The flowers are an unusually delicate assortment of 1/2\" chinese lanterns, tas... Learn more.

Tiarella trifoliata unifoliata Laceflower
A 1 foot perennial native to the redwood belt east to Montana and north to Alaska. Always in the north slope understory-type situation. Use as a small scale groundcover in a shady moist spot. After th... Learn more.

Tiarella unifoliata Sugar Scoop
A 1\' perennial native to the redwood belt east to Montana and north to Alaska. Always in the north slope understory-type situation. Use as a small scale groundcover in a shady moist spot. After they ... Learn more.

Tolmiea menziesii

Tolmiea menziesii Youth-On-Age
A small scale groundcover, container plant or as house plant. Native to the coastal regions from Calif. to Alaska. Plant forms small plants at the top of mature leaves. This is a redwood belt plant so... Learn more.

Torreya californica

Torreya californica California Nutmeg
An evergreen tree that looks like a minature Yew or glossy leaved redwood. In a fiberglass shade house where the temperatures are moderate and the humidities are high it grows ok. If you have a redwoo... Learn more.

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