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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

First Blog

We're trying to fit videos into the website.

The flowers on Acer negundo. - grid24_6
This is the first posting to try it out and see if it even works. We're attempting to fix a number of problems on the website, one of them is what to do with the weird pages about stuff we're dealing with, but doesn't fit into the website. Also the aha moments that don't warrant a web page but still warrant thought. We're also trying to add a better search box without the ads.
Also compress down the page so you can see the inventory of Online, Escondido and Santa Margarita easier.
AND, fix the menu from hell. If there are other things that bug you, email us, and will see if we can fix that.

We're attempting to make videos of landscapes, native hillsides, native plants and all sorts of other native plant things.

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